SportsPac12: 2018 Pac-12 Football - Bowl Projections Round-Up
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2018 Pac-12 Football - Bowl Projections Round-Up

October 22, 2018

Week 9 Bowl Projections Round-Up

—Where various publications have projected each Pac-12 team—

Arizona State
- ESPN/Bonagura: New Mexico vs. Nevada
- USA Today Sports: Texas vs TCU
- Sports Illustrated: New Mexico vs. Nevada
- SBNation: SERVPRO vs. North Texas

- Sporting News—Birmingham vs Memphis

- ESPN/Bonagura: Cheez-It vs TCU
USA Today Sports: Las Vegas vs San Diego State
- Sporting News: Sun vs. Florida State
- College Football News: Cheez-It vs. Iowa State
- SBNation: Sun vs. Miami
- Watch Stadium/McMurphy: Las Vegas vs. Utah State

- ESPN/Bonagura: Redbox vs. Northwestern
USA Today Sports: San Francisco vs. Northwestern
- Sports Illustrated: Holiday vs. Iowa
- Yahoo Sports: Fiesta vs. UCF
- College Football News: Holiday vs. Iowa
- SBNation: Redbox vs. Fresno State
- Watch Stadium/McMurphy: Sun vs. Virginia Tech

- ESPN/Bonagura: Sun vs. Virginia
USA Today Sports: Holiday vs. Iowa
- Sports Illustrated: Sun vs. Duke
- Sporting News: Cheez-It vs. Oklahoma
- College Football News: Las Vegas vs. Fresno State
- SBNation: Cheez-It vs. Iowa State
- Watch Stadium/McMurphy: Redbox vs. Northwestern

- ESPN/Bonagura: Las Vegas vs. Fresno State
USA Today Sports: Cheez-It vs. Iowa State
- Sports Illustrated: Las Vegas vs. Fresno State
- Sporting News: Las Vegas vs. Fresno State
- College Football News: Alamo vs. Texas Tech
- SBNation: Las Vegas vs. Fresno State
- Watch Stadium/McMurphy: Cheez-It vs. Iowa State

- ESPN/Bonagura: Holiday vs. Wisconsin
USA Today Sports: Sun vs. Boston College
- Sports Illustrated: Redbox vs Northwestern
- Sporting News: San Francisco vs. Michigan State
- College Football News: Redbox vs. Northwestern
- SBNation: Holiday vs. Wisconsin
- Watch Stadium/McMurphy: Holiday vs. Pen State

- ESPN/Bonagura: Alamo vs. West Virginia
USA Today Sports: Rose vs Michigan
- Sports Illustrated: Rose vs. Michigan
- Yahoo Sports: Rose vs Ohio State
- Sporting News: Holiday vs. Northwestern
- College Football News: Rose vs. Michigan
- SBNation: Alamo vs. Texas
- Watch Stadium/McMurphy: Alamo vs. West Virginia 

Washington State
- ESPN/Bonagura: Rose vs. Ohio State
USA Today Sports: Alamo vs. West Virginia
- Sports Illustrated: Alamo vs Texas Tech
- Sporting News: Rose vs Ohio State
- College Football News: Sun vs. Virginia Tech
- SBNation: Rose vs. Ohio State
- Watch Stadium/McMurphy: Rose vs. Ohio State

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