SportsPac12: 2018 Pac-12 Football - Week 13 Power Rankings
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2018 Pac-12 Football - Week 13 Power Rankings

November 20, 2018

Pac-12 Football: Week 13 Power Rankings

And then there were three. Utah clinched the South title and is assured of facing the winner of the Apple Cup in the Pac-12 Championship, regardless of what happens in the Territorial Cup. The Huskies and Cougars are no doubt thrilled to have an opportunity to ruin the other's season on the way to Levi Stadium.

1. Washington State (10-1, 7-1) — Previous Ranking: 1 
The Cougars destroyed Arizona so completely, so effortlessly, it almost seemed criminal. But next week figures to be much tougher. Having played just four bowl-eligible teams, Washington could be the strongest opponent WSU has faced.

2. Washington (8-3, 6-2) — Previous Ranking: 2 
The Beavers played the Dawgs they way they've played pretty much everyone, giving up yards by the acre while making a normally stingy defense look generous. Perfect preparation for the wide-open Cougars.

3. Utah (8-3, 6-3) — Previous Ranking: 3 
Utah was all business in the snow against Colorado, playing like a team on the verge of winning a title. Turns out they were, thanks to Oregon's win over ASU. Now the Utes have a chance to top off their best season in the Pac-12 with a victory in the Holy War vs. BYU.

4. Stanford (6-4, 4-3) — Previous Ranking: 6 
Stanford got another weekend off to get healthier, due to the poor air quality from the fires in the Bay Area. It remains to be seen whether that will help at UCLA this week. The Big Game with the Bears has been rescheduled for Dec. 1.

5. Oregon (7-4, 4-4) — Previous Ranking: 7 

The Ducks got off to a fast start for a change, and it looked as though they might pull away, like they had in previous years. But four turnovers kept it close, and only ASU's barely out two-point conversion attempt preserved the win. That strategy probably won't cut it in Corvallis.

6. Arizona State (6-5, 4-4) — Previous Ranking: 4 
If the Sun Devils hadn't hurt their chances against the Ducks by settling for field goals, they would be playing for the South title on Saturday. A win this weekend still matters, though, with pride and a better bowl game on the line in Tucson.

7. California (6-4, 3-4) — Previous Ranking: 8 
The Bears would have preferred to play last week to keep their momentum going from the upset of USC. But hosting Colorado should provide plenty of opportunity to start it up again, if needed, as well as to work out more kinks before Stanford comes calling.

8. UCLA (3-8, 3-5) —Previous Ranking: 10
Coaching changes, inexperience, and a killer schedule contributed to UCLA's tough season, but its record doesn't reflect how far the Bruins have come. A win over USC may have been a little easier to come by this year, but nothing means more to Chip Kelly's improving team.

9. USC (5-6, 4-5) — Previous Ranking: 9 
The Trojans had every opportunity to beat the Bruins, but—as was the case so many times this year—they couldn't deliver the goods when it mattered most. USC still has all the talent it needs to beat Notre Dame, and just might, with Clay Helton's job hanging in the balance.

10. Arizona (5-6, 4-4) — Previous Ranking: 5 
No team seemed more primed to hand the Cougars a late-season loss than Arizona, after dominating performances the previous two weeks. But the road has not been kind to the Wildcats this season, and the Palouse was downright cruel. Taking down upstart ASU would help ease the pain.

11. Oregon State (2-9, 1-7) — Previous Ranking: 12 
The Beavers put on a special-teams show in Seattle, though it wasn't anywhere near as effective as it was entertaining. Will they have more tricks in store for the Ducks? Regardless, the Civil War is OSU's bowl game, and Oregon will have to be ready for just about anything.

12. Colorado (5-6, 2-6) — Previous Ranking: 11 
The Buffaloes lost more than a game last week, when Mike MacIntyre was fired on Sunday. The former sixth-year coach set a high standard in 2016 for what can be done in Boulder, and pretty much wrote his own pink slip in not being able to live up to it. The new coach will build on his foundation.