NCAA announces new ‘S-curve’ model for 2021 NCAA Tournament

247Sports via Bruin Report Online : The 2021 NCAA Tournament is going to be one of the most unique tournaments ever, as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the tournament to be played in one location, but now more changes have been made to the tournament. On Friday, the NCAA announced new bracketing principles that have been adopted for the 2021 tournament.



The NCAA is using a method called the, “S-curve.” While the top four teams on the seed list will be assigned to different regions on the bracket, after that things will change. The No. 5 overall seed will go to the same region as the No. 4 overall seed. The No. 6 overall seed will go with the No. 3. The No. 7 overall seed will go with the No. 2 and the No. 8 overall seed will go with the No. 1 overall seed.



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