The Great Pac-12 List Ranking Debates


Bartlett vs. Follman


Our Nick Bartlett and Jack Follman have created a new battle form—ranking everything from teams and players to cheerleaders, stadiums, and donors, and then debating each other’s lists. Ranking is a subjective, uncertain proposition that’s sure to draw criticism, and rarely do  sportswriters get to take it and dish it out in a single sitting. But that’s what our writers do in these Great Debates. Follow along as the two debate their respective rankings and have some fun along the way.

Round 10: The Great Pac-12 Basketball Prestige Ranking Debate

Round Nine: The Great Pac-12 Best Basketball Uniform Ranking Debate

Round Eight: The Great Pac-12 Best Football Weather Ranking Debate

Round SevenThe Great Pac-12 Football Program Prestige Ranking Debate

Round SixThe Great Pac-12 Helmets Ranking Debate

Round FiveThe Great Pac-12 College Towns Ranking Debate

Round FourThe Great Pac-12 Football Uniforms Ranking Debate

Round ThreeThe Great Pac-12 Fight Songs Ranking Debate

Round TwoThe Great Pac-12 Running Backs Ranking Debate

Round OneThe Great Pac-12 Quarterback Ranking Debate